On a ‘traditional’ construction project, the design tends to be completed before a price is sought from contractors. This can mean that the project is relatively slow to complete. On some projects, the client may prioritise time above cost, needing completion of the works as soon as is reasonable.
Fast-track construction is a scheduling technique that can be used to reduce the overall duration of projects by overlapping tasks that on a traditional contract would not be commenced until the previous task was completed. The greatest time saving is often achieved by overlapping the design and construction phases.

GEMS Founders School, Al Mizhar

School Operations Started On April 2018

GEMS Heritage School 2018

School Operations Started On Apr 2018

NOOEHS 2017 -18

School Operations Started On March 2018

GEMS National School 2016

School Operations Started On Sept 2016

GEMS Founders School 2016

School Operations Started On 8th Sep 2016

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